Annie Gets Fit

inside is healthy. outside is about to be.

One more week.

That’s it.

How has this challenge gone by so quickly?

I am thankful.

What an amazing experience.

It is weird to talk about the challenge, obviously, while our friends and families have lost so much in the Nashville floods. It really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

It makes me grateful for my people.

The ones who have loved me deeply through this experience- every step of the way. And as this challenge comes to an end, I don’t even know how to thank them. There aren’t words.

But as I help my neighbors clean out their basements and remove the flooded pieces of their lives, I can’t help but be grateful for my health, for this opportunity, and for my wonderful friends.

Thank you Channel 4, Subway, and Nashville Athletic Club. Thank you also the other 9 contestants- y’all were (and are) an inspiration to me.

And thanks again to all my dear friends and family. This experience wouldn’t have been half as fun or half as successful without you.

Much love, Nashville.


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